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Welcome to BlyssTech Solutions, where technology meets tranquility

I'm Samantha Gregory, founder and guiding force behind this unique tech wellness firm. 

My mission? To empower female entrepreneurs to navigate the digital world with ease and embrace a blissful LIFE-work balance.

Services Offered:

Fractional CTO

Strategic technological guidance and insights, helping you make informed decisions about tech solutions your team can implement.

Tech Wellness Consulting

Tailored advice to make technology work for you, not against you. I help streamline your business processes, enhancing efficiency and reducing stress.

AI Strategy/ Consulting

Specialized consulting to integrate AI into your business, offering pre-built workflow apps for content creation, email marketing, streamlined customer service, and more.

Tech Support Options:

Sometimes you just need a tech guru to call on when you have an issues, need to make purchasing decision or want done-with-you software support. Now there is a solution for you in the form of monthly tech support. Select the option that works best for you.

Tier 1

Hourly tech support for occasional needs

Tier 2

5 hours of monthly tech support for moderate issues

Tier 3

10 hours of monthly tech support for more frequent needs

VIP Premium Add-ons

Additional services are available to help you build your online business presence.